Creating a Data Space for Shareholders

Investors will more than likely want to examine a wide variety of documents and information to gain a more comprehensive picture of the early-stage enterprise. Having your data room build and ready to go just before any potential investor provides even asked questions will save you a lot of time inside the due diligence process.

When preparing pertaining to due diligence, make sure that your investor info room comprises of:

Financial Details – this can include both historical and projected financial statements with an explanation of this assumptions, sources and thinking at the rear of those predictions. Founders has been known to choose to add a list of current investors, a summary of the terms of the most recent loan round, plus the company’s audited financials. Founding fathers can also want to include a market size, growth flight and competitive landscape examination as well as a report on any general public reports the company has submitted. In addition , some founders also want to include a section on team-related documents that features the resumes of critical management as well as employee stock agreements and documentation on hiring. Finally, some founders include a section on customer references and referrals that can help demonstrate the standard of your product or service.

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