How to Shrink a Hoodie

Is there a hoodie you bought on sale that was too big and you want to alter it to fit better?

Everyone loves that warm cozy, hooded comfort these baggy sweatshirts have, but sometimes they can get too baggy and uncomfortable.

If you find yourself struggling to fit into hoodies that are too large, here’s our solution to you to shrink down to a smaller size.

Shrinking Your Hoodie for the Perfect Fit

A cotton sweater or sweatshirt can be shrunk in a range of methods, depending on the fabric and the desired level of shrinkage.

Fortunately, all of the methods are simple to understand and execute.

So let’s locate the care tag and begin altering the size of our hoodie.

The most easily shrunk fabric is cotton. Similar to how cotton can be shrunk, rayon can also be shrunk. It’s interesting to notice that similar techniques used to increase the size of a hoodie are also used to minimize the quantity of material. The methods employed are just slightly different.

Easiest Ways to Shrink a Hoodie Minimally

Soaking in warm water: A hoodie can be shrunk in a variety of methods, with different degrees of success. A sweatshirt that is slightly too large can be shrunk with warm water or hot water for some time.

Using dryer on low heat setting: The high heat from the dryer will cause fabric to shrink. The more heat, the more shrinkage. Try using the dryer on medium and high heat to shrink your clothing. Turn the temperature up to the hot setting if you want your clothing to shrink a little bit more.

How to Shrink a Hoodie Moderately

Try washing and drying your new sweatshirt on high heat to help it fit if it doesn’t exactly fit you. Heat is an excellent way to shrink many types of fibers and frequently results in the ideal fit. Put your hoodie in the washer and turn the temperature to the highest level.

If the item is brand new or clean, there is no need to apply laundry detergent. Transfer the goods to the dryer when the washer has finished its work, and dry on high. While the clothes are drying, check on them occasionally to make sure it is not shrinking. Use the complete drying cycle to get the best shrinking results.

How to Shrink a Hoodie Using an Iron

A standard clothes iron can be used to adjust the size of your sweatshirt if you don’t want it to shrink. Instead of shrinking the size of the fabric overall, ironing garments can be a fantastic approach to target specific areas. To help the fabric to cool off and stop it from shrinking, spray warm water onto it. Then press the hoodies against the towel using a warm iron. To prevent damage, cover the material with a cloth and iron it at a high heat setting. Flip the sweatshirt over on the back and duplicate it. Test the hoodie on you for fit, and if it is still not the right size, repeat the process.

Shrinking Hoodies with a Hairdryer

When it comes to shrinking clothing, a hairdryer is an excellent option because it allows you to target particular fabric sections.

Place the sweater level and cleanly on the ground. Fill a plastic spray bottle with hot water, then mist the water onto the surface of the clothes until it is damp. Hold your hairdryer next to your shirt when it is on the hottest setting. Blow hot air in a circular motion over your hoodie. Turn it over after it has dried and go through the wetting and drying procedure one more time.

Shrinking a Cotton Fabric Hoodie

A natural fabric that shrinks and stretches easily is cotton. The fibers lose tension and shrink when heated with water, dry heat, or both, just as they would if a cotton windbreaker needed to be shrunk.

To thoroughly wet your garment, rinse it in warm water. Put it in the dryer. Set the dryer to a low heat setting to only slightly shrink the clothing, and to a high heat setting for maximum shrinking.

How to Shrink a Polyester Hoodie

Polyester hoodie is made of synthetic man-made material and is harder to shrink compared with cotton.

Polyester textiles must be shrunk at high heat. Bring a deep pot of water to boil and turn off the heat. Allow the clothes to sit for 15 minutes before drying it.

Remove the hoodie from the water, then put it in the dryer. Put your dryer on its hottest setting and use it to dry your items at the highest temperature possible. Repeat the method if the polyester does not shrink well when wet.

Preventing a Hoodie From Stretching

Clothing fibers typically relax and stretch with use, losing their original form. However, it is possible to prevent your clothing from sagging and losing its shape over time.

Hoodie Care and Cleaning

Once your clothing has drink to your desired size, it is critical to maintaining its finest appearance. To prevent fading and damage that can result from the agitation of the washing machine, we advise hand washing.

Use moderate laundry detergent and cold or warm water to wash your sweater. Turn your garment inside out and wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle in the washing machine. We advise putting a protective coating to prevent wear and friction when cleaning it with other things and storing it in a lingerie bag.

To stop fading and stains, stay away from washing your clothes with bleach or other harsh chemicals. Instead of using a hanger or a clothesline, place your clothing on a drying screen or other flat surface to dry in the air rather than in the sun. Hang the dry clothing on a hanger that is the right size.

The top of the garment might get distorted by a small hanger when hanging under the sun. Use a hanger of the right size to hang your hoodie or hang it on a clothesline.

No matter what clothing it is, we all want it to fit nicely on our body for the perfect look. Perhaps your favorite brand-new hoodie is a size bigger or has stretched out over time, but that doesn’t imply it would all be useless by this point. It can be changed to better fit you by shrinking it using the methods we have shared.

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