Moms Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: Which Style Best Suits You?

When you desire both comfort and flair, do you ever struggle to choose the right pair of jeans? Although mom and boyfriend jeans are both popular now, their styles couldn’t be more dissimilar. What precisely separates mom jeans from boyfriend jeans when compared?

Mom and boyfriend jeans are primarily distinguished by their very high waists, while boyfriend jeans feature a low, loose waist and seat. Mom jeans frequently feature tapered legs, but boyfriend jeans hang loosely. Boyfriend jeans feature cropped or cuffed legs, whereas mom jeans typically have full-length legs.

You can learn more about the differences between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans in this article. The design will show you the main distinctions between these two contemporary looks. Finally, you will learn advice for choosing the right look for your body type!

What Are Mom Jeans?

mom jeans

The name of these retro-style jeans comes from their popularity among mothers in the 1980s and 1990s. Now that it’s returned, it’s far more relaxed than you recall. It has a loose fit but tends to sit higher on the waist than the boyfriend jean. They are open around the thighs and more tapered in the leg, which makes them appear less baggy overall. 

The objective is to create structured, tapered comfort that can be easily put on and removed while retaining some of the shapes that boyfriend jeans purposefully do. Frequently, the hem is rolled up and falls just above the ankle. The long back pockets tend to lengthen and flatter the bum.

Another thing in mind if you want to test a pair of mom jeans for yourself is that the majority of well-known manufacturers do not advertise this style as “mom jeans” but under terms like “high-waisted taper fit” or “high loose fit.”

Mom jeans, as opposed to slim or straight jeans, are loose-fitting pants with an extremely high waist. As a result, the cut’s details may differ from brand to brand.

Mom jeans often include an extremely high waist, a loose seat, thighs, and tapered, full-length legs. In some circumstances, you could even find brands selling mom jeans with shorter or cuffed legs.

What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

boyfriend jeans

When Marilyn Monroe wore a pair in The Misfits, the 1960s saw the rise of this taken-from-the-boys style. Since then, they have become a favorite celebrity look among all the A-listers, including Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham.

If you are devoted to your favorite pair of thin jeans, you might need some time to get used to the slouchy, baggy fit of boyfriend jeans because they are so relaxed and comfortable. On the wearer, they should appear a bit big and frequently sit mid-low on the waist. The boyfriend cut comes in shapes; some are slimmer than others, so if you want more fitting apparel, you can choose a more structured-yet-loose version.

The practice of young ladies borrowing men’s jeans from their significant others is where the term “boyfriend jeans” first appeared. The idea of baggy jeans that hang over a woman’s hips originated since men’s, and women’s pants often have distinct shapes.

When a celebrity takes a day off at Starbucks or Target, you frequently see these pants in fashion shots. Additionally, these jeans are still trendy among teenagers, who often match the loose jeans with a tight or cropped top.

How To Wear Mom Jeans

mom jeans

Mom jeans are more versatile than boyfriend jeans because of their high waist, which gives them a more dressy appearance. Whether it’s a tee, blouse, bodysuit, or polo neck, tucking in your top will help you get the most out of your mom’s jeans. Additionally, a belt will help create a more hourglass-shaped silhouette by adding definition. Whether you want to dress up with heavy ankle boots or keep it casual with chunky trainers, they will go with just about anything. Try wearing it with one of this season’s great shirts for a classic and laid-back vibe.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are ideal for creating a carefree off-duty vibe, but styling them can be challenging; it all comes down to balance. Use some of this season’s trendiest jackets, feminine blouses, and shoes to balance the boyish, casual look (or fancy flats). For a more attractive form, a tight-fitting top will help balance out the looser shape of the denim.

“Putting on a jacket is the quickest method to make boyfriend jeans look more put together. It can instantly smarten the appearance and give your ensemble more structure, according to Paula Moore, fashion director of Woman & Home.

What Differentiates Mom Jeans from Boyfriend Jeans?

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans mainly differ in the waist height and the leg cut. While boyfriend jeans often have a low waist, mom jeans have a high waist. Additionally, boyfriend jeans have straight legs that do not narrow below the knee, whereas mom jeans typically have tapered legs.

Leg Opening

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans never have the same precise leg opening measurement from one manufacturer to the next. Nevertheless, each style will have several distinctive characteristics.

In contrast to straight jeans, mom jeans typically have somewhat tapered legs. Additionally, mom jeans might have full-length legs or cropped cuffed legs.

Straight and loose legs with a wider leg opening characterize boyfriend jeans. Although the current fashion dictates that the portion terminate around 3 inches above your ankle, you may occasionally find full-length boyfriend jeans with an open, saggy leg at the ankle.


Mom and boyfriend jeans both feature a looser fit compared to many other denim types, but there are still noticeable variances between the two. First, mom jeans fit at the waist more than boyfriend jeans, which typically have a loose, low-slung waist. Second, mom jeans typically have straight legs, whereas boyfriend jeans have tapered legs below the knee.

Mom jeans often have a tighter crotch area than boyfriend jeans, though this varies in contemporary models.

However, mom and boyfriend jeans always include wide thighs and a loosely fitting seat.


The mom jean’s extremely high waist is one of its defining characteristics, as you have probably observed by this point. High-waisted clothing occasionally has elastic in the back to assist it in snugly fitting at the waist and then curve more generously over the hips.

Boyfriend jeans often lay at or above your hipbones and have a straight, low-cut waist. The precise rise can differ from one manufacturer to another. To further enhance the overall baggy aspect of the pants, some boyfriend jeans have a looser crotch area.


Despite having a lot of extra room in critical areas, mom and boyfriend jeans fit differently.

Mom jeans have a somewhat snug fit at the high waist but become more relaxed in the seat and comfortably wide thigh area.

Straight, baggy legs flow from loose, low-waist boyfriend jeans. Overall, the fit gives the impression that the pants are too big and sloppy.

But neither style of jeans should hug your body as closely as thin jeans do. One of their primary features is Mom jeans, and boyfriend jeans offer a relaxed and comfy fit.


Both boyfriend and mom jeans have different tops. Boyfriend jeans have a low waist and an extremely loose, almost baggy crotch and seat region. 

Mom jeans have a top with a high waist that is substantially narrower than the hip region of the top. But mom jeans frequently provide extra hip room to a large seat and thigh area.

Best for What Body Type

Mom and boyfriend jeans are loose and easy to wear, but they complement certain body types differently.

Tall and skinny or short and slender folks, boyfriend jeans look best. The loose fit may unflatteringly draw attention to a more curved figure. Even those who can wear boyfriend jeans have a straight body type must understand that this style does not emphasize your natural body form like many other, more closely-fitting denim types.

Mom jeans: suitable for all people? Well, not quite. Avoid mom jeans if you have a pear-shaped physique because the tapering legs may draw attention to it more than you would want.

However, mom jeans feature a high waist that helps smooth over curved hips and nip in a rounder tummy, so many women with additional curves like wearing this style! People of different heights can also feel at ease wearing mom jeans. A high waist may make shorter people’s legs appear longer, especially when paired with heels.

What Should I Get, Mom Jeans or Boyfriend Jeans?

How do you determine whether to buy mom or boyfriend jeans as both styles have a loose, casual fit? You may select between these two trendy denim styles by adhering to a few straightforward rules.

Mom jeans are a good choice if you have a curvier body type, want to make your legs look longer because you are short, or want to make your torso appear shorter because you are tall. Due to the high, tight waist, mom jeans can help to conceal some tummy fat.

If you have a slim, straight body type or skinny, you should get boyfriend jeans because the low waist might make your torso appear longer. Boyfriend jeans feature a loose fit that goes nicely with highly casual clothing such as crop tops or tight shirts.

It mostly comes down to personal opinion and figuring out which pair of jeans best fits your body type. If you want to pull off the style, boyfriend jeans require extra effort and consideration. However, the final appearance may be fashionable if you strike the proper balance with a fitted top or shirt and offset with elegant footwear and accessories.

Word of caution: Before investing, consider your height. If you are petite, you could discover that some boyfriend jeans smother your figure.

Mom jeans are more universally flattering and more functional for body types. You could wear nearly any top with mom jeans and still look fantastic. Mom jeans are a true winner if you like a few 80s or 90s nostalgia because of the high waist and tapered leg combination, which creates a beautiful silhouette.

Now that everything settles and you can compare which to choose, share this information with a friend who is still confused about which type of jeans best suits them. You might save someone from wardrobe mayhem.


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