what color is velvet

What Color is Velvet? Red or Blue?

What Color is Velvet?

Velvet is commonly associated with emerald red which was the most popular choice of color for clothes historically. However, velvet is in fact a fabric.

It has been used for the cloth of kings and queens during the medieval and renaissance periods. As velvet is difficult to make, it is considered a luxurious fabric and associated with nobility, prestige and power. Velvet also comes in different colors like blue, green and black, all of which are popular color choices during the Renaissance.

The most luxurious velvet, silk velvet, is usually combined with rayon to achieve a beautiful drape. Silk velvet has a sheen and depth of colour, the look and appearance changes when it drapes as the light reflects off in various angle.

Velvet is a woven fabric, however, many knitted fabrics are incorrectly named velvet.

Is Velvet a Color or Fabric?

Velvet is a type of fabric that dated back to 2000 BC Egyptian civilization. Velvet was at its peak during the Renaissance between 1400-1600. There are many different types of velvet materials created by different manufacturers nowadays and the color choices are wider compared to the Renaissance periods.

Is Velvet Red Color?

Red was originally used for velvet. During the Renaissance period, velvet was a deep red as natural dyes are used. In modern days, velvets comes in different shades of red like ruby or crimson shades.

Color code for velvet red:
Hex code: #902C3E (RGB values: (144, 44, 62))
Velvet is composed of 58% red, 18% green and 25% blue.

Is Velvet Blue Color?

Blue is also one of the original colors used for velvet although it is second to red. Blue velvet is similar to sapphire color and is associated with gems. Blue velvet is usually complemented with gold to give a royal and prestigious look.

Blue velvet fabric comes in many different shades of blue nowadays with darker shades being the more popular choice for clothes and furniture as it portrays a luxurious look.

Color code for velvet red:
Hex code: #210E7F (RGB values: (33, 14, 127))

Is Velvet Green Color?

Velvet green and velvet blue are popular colors in the Renaissance period. Green velvet color makes one feel calm and at peace.Color code for velvet green:

Color code for velvet green:
Hex code: #2f5d50(RGB values: (47,93,80))

Is Velvet Black Color?

Black velvet garments were fashionable during the fifteenth century. Only rare fragments survived today as the process used to obtain deep black was corrosive to the fabric. Black velvet is still popular and can be seen on gowns and furniture.

Is Velvet a Texture?

Velvet is a texture but some people associate it as a color. Historically, red, green and blue are popular colors for velvet. Nowadays, there are many different types of velvet materials created by different manufacturers.

How is Velvet Dyed in the Past

Textile collars were obtained from natural sources like minerals, plants and insects. The secrets of dyeing and weaving were heavily guarded and craftspeople perfected their skills during the Renaissance period.

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